Sunday, February 20, 2011

Picking Up The Puppy Terv*

In Finn's opinion, she's all good. Fine if she sleeps with her head on his foot. Fine if she dances around him. He's easy.

In Quill's opinion, the jury's out. Maybe she'll be a good play mate. But the fact that she gets any kind of food toy isn't really fair, he's just sayin'.

In Odin's opinion, no puppy is a good puppy.

We picked up "the puppy" last night. We drove about 2 hours and visited with the canine family and their staff, I mean owners, for a while before setting out to drive back home. We played with the litter and their Mom and Dad and were completely smitten.

We brought two crates with us, not sure of the ideal size for her as she'd grown a lot in the week since we'd seen her. When we asked the breeder which crate she thought would be ideal, she replied ominously, "Which ever one is farthest back."

We place her in her crate with some new toys and started our journey. Puppy terv serenaded us with a volume just shy of a banshee. When, about 45 minutes later (and never a break in the song) I smelled Eau D' Puppy Poop, I was indeed grateful we had two crates. Of course, Murphy's law of Travel with Dogs meant we were on a four lane highway with no safe pull off when the deed occurred. So, being the nimble 20-year-old (not) that I am, I grunted and groaned over two seats and knelt beside her crate in the rocking van. Five minutes later, graced with poopy puppy foot prints, I wriggled back into my seat with poise and dignity. My stoic and patient husband said, "All settled?" I could barely hear him over the renewed screeches of a small puppy severely wronged by being "jailed" in yet another crate. Cruel fates. I'm quite sure she was saying, "This is against the puppy rule book you obviously have not read!!!"

In between screams I said to Tim, "Cookie?"

A Whole Foods espresso chocolate chip cookie was just the ticket to soothe our nerves a tad.

She finally slept and we were afraid to say a word lest we wake the little dear. The rest of the journey was blissfully quiet.

* Terv stands for Belgian tervuren, a lovely medium-sized herding breed

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  1. Espresso anything to calm the nerves? type of friend!
    Mazel Tov!